11 April 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 10 April 2018; Midi Near Fall and Continuation of Yemen’s Missile Attacks

1. Firing a missile Badr-1 to south of Jizan.   2.Firing a missile Qahir-M2 to passage Alab in Asir. The Coalition has not announced anything regarding defeating the missiles yet. Yemen’s daily missile attacks are after Saleh al Samad’s threat.   3. Media close to UAE broadcast news regarding preparation for operation by forces led […]

11 April 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 9 April 2018; Heavy Engagement in North of Hajjah

Heavy engagement in front Midi; firing missile Badr-1; Saleh al Samad threatens Saudi Arabia

11 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 10, 2018: Instigators of Global War !
10 April 2018
7 Iranian forces Martyred due to Israeli missile attack on T4 airbase in Homs Yesterday.

The Israeli attack on the T-4 Military Airbase, Martyred a total of seven Iranian soldiers, plus 7 Syrian soldiers.

09 April 2018
Israeli Missile Attacks On The T4 Airbase In Homs province + Clip

Israeli fighters fired a number of missiles at the T4 (Tiyas) airbase over the Lebanon’s sky and following the attack, a number of forces were wounded and Martyred.

08 April 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 7 April 2018; from Uncertainty of Missile Hitting Aramco to the Alliance Preparation to Attack South of Hudaydah

AnsarAllah fired a Badr-1 missile to Nijran; Heavy engagements in front north of Qaniya; Mansour Hadi’s forces operation in south of Hudaydah

08 April 2018
Big Turkish Military Convoy Entering Hama Governorate in Morek to Set Up New Observation Posts + Map of Observation Posts

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A big Turkish military convoy including armored and construction vehicles to set up new observation posts enter Hama governorate yesterday for the first time.

08 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 6, 2018: Army Prepares To Clear Southern Syria From Militants
07 April 2018
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 6 April 2018; Is Afghanistan the Next Destination for ISIS?

1- Taliban claims to answer severely to Afghani Army air raid to town Dasht-e Archi happened on Monday. Statements of Mohammad Radmanesh, spokesperson of Afghani Defense Ministry, about this attack: “After finding the exact location of Taliban in Dasht-e Archi, Kunduz, Airforce attack. The attacked location is a training base of Taliban. In this air […]

06 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 5, 2018: Russian Forces Shot Down 17 UAVs With Range Of 100km
05 April 2018
Imam Khamenei’s response to Hamas leader’s letter on Arab states’ betraying Palestine

In response to the letter of Mr. Ismail Haniyeh— the leader of a Palestinian resistance and endeavouring group:

05 April 2018
Village Taqsis Returns to Nation in North of Homs Pocket

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After a long time of stagnation in Homs’ north front, with entering of Syrian Army to village Taqsis and villages around, SAA advances start in north of Homs pocket.