19 May 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 19 May 2019
19 May 2019
Ansar Allah Targeting Al Sadrayn Camp, Moris Front

Ansar Allah’s missile unit targeted Al Sadrayn military camp in Moris front, Dhale province with 3 Zelzal-1 missiles.

19 May 2019
Inefficacious Battles in South of Tripoli!

General Haftar ordered to start the operation in Tripoli on 5 April and his forces reached south of Tripoli after a few relatively easy operations.
It has been weeks since Haftar forces are halted there and only scattered engagements are taking places.

18 May 2019
Aerial Images of the Targeting the Positions of Terrorists in Northern Hama by the Syrian Army and Russian Warplanes

These footage relate to the recent operations of the Syrian Army in the area of Kafr Nabuda and Al Ghab Plain in the northwest of Hama province.

18 May 2019
ISIS Attacks Zila Oil Facility

This morning ISIS attacked the Zuwaytinah oilfields in Zila in center of Libya. According to the ISIS media, 3 persons were killed and 4 others were captured.

18 May 2019
Militant Rejected the Ceasefire in Northern Hama

NFL spokesman rejected any ceasefire deal in Hama and Idlib unless the deal includes Syrian Army withdrawal from the recently captured areas in the region! But this is while the militants begging Turkey to intermediate and force the Russian-Syrian side to accept the ceasefire.

17 May 2019
Latest Situation of Qatabah, Dhale Province, 17 May 2019 + Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: After several days of severe engagement in Qatabah city, Ansar Allah forces retreated from the city and Saudi Coalition forces took control over entire city.

17 May 2019
Northwest of Hama is under heavy fire!

After liberation of important towns such as Kafr Nabuda, Qalaat Madiq and the surrounding villages, ground advance of the Syrian Army is halted.

17 May 2019
Footage of the Saudi-led forces heavy fire on “Qatabah” this morning.

Today the Saudi Coalition forces took control of the city, it should be noted that UAE-backed(trained) forces had the main role in this advances.

17 May 2019
Latest Situation of Qatabah, Dhale Province, Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the last 48 hours, Qatabah city and Sanah were severe battlefield between AnsarAllah and Saudi backed forces.

16 May 2019
New Saudi Crimes Against Yemeni People + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: A few hours ago Saudi Coalition criminal fighters attacked Sanaa city, the capital of Yemen.

15 May 2019
Syrian Army Advancing in Al Ghab Plain and Liberation of Huwayz + Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: Along recent advances in northwest of Hama, Syrian Army liberated village Huwayz including Huwayz Tahtani and Foqani and Hurriyah.