26 April 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 25 April 2018; Declaration of Southerners’ Movement due to Martyrdom of Saleh al-Samad and Protest of Guns

Big gathering of people in al-Hudaydah ; Mahdi al-Mashat selected as a president of the Supreme Political Council

25 April 2018
The Story of “Samih”, A Child From Yemen

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25 April 2018
A statement by General Staff of the Armed Forces of Yemen and the request for the immediate withdrawal of foreign companies from Saudi territory.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Yemen released a statement and foreign companies were urged to leave Saudi territory as soon as possible.

25 April 2018
The Eastern Qalamoun Completely Liberated; Map Update

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From this morning, after the evacuation of the last remnants of militants, along with their families from the region, the Eastern Qalamoun was completely liberated.

25 April 2018
Latest Updates On Yemen 23 April 2018; Details of Martyrdom and Biography of Saleh al-Samad

Saleh al-Samad – President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen – was martyred in bombing of Saudi-led coalition fighters in al-Hudaydah province in western Yemen; Saudis attack on a wedding party in Bani Qais and martyrdom of more than 30 people.

23 April 2018
Latest Military Situation in Southern Damascus; All Things You Need to Know About the Siege of Yarmouk Camp

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Syrian Army and Allies managed to liberate Imam Ali mosque between Tadamon and Salikhah neighborhoods.

23 April 2018
Latest Updates On Afghanistan 22 April 2018; Terrorist attack in West of Kabul

Repelling Taliban attacks on Deh Yek in Ghazni province ; Dozens of martyrs and wounded by the explosion at the Dasht-Barchi Registration Center in western Kabul.

22 April 2018
Monthly Report on Yemen’s developments 22 April 2018; Map Update

After years of War in Yemen with no notable gains for Saudi-led coalition, now they seek 3 new goals for covering their failures: Capturing Sanaa, capturing Sadah and block AnsarAllah access to the Red sea.

22 April 2018
Military Situation In Southern Syria; April 20, 2018

This map provides a general look at the military situation in southern Syria. Government forces are currently working to secure the Yarmouk refugee camp area in southern Damascus and the Eastern Qalamoun region.

21 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 19, 2018: Journalists Find Boy Filmed In Douma Chemial Attack Video
20 April 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 18 & 19 April 2018; Saudi-led Coalition Operation for Al Hudaydah

Uganda’s foreign ministry denied talks between Emirate and Uganda for sending troops to Yemen; Morocco called 6 of its F16s back to Morocco’s airports

19 April 2018
The Syrian Army Begins a Military Operation Against ISIS in Yarmouk camp south of Damascus

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From the afternoon the Syrian army targeted ISIS positions in the Yarmouk camp and Hajar-Aswad in southern Damascus with artillery and air attacks.