09 December 2017
Breaking news | Iraq is freed entirely!

Operation of Khatam Al Nabe’en (holy prophet) second step

09 December 2017
Breaking | Today is “Day of wrath for Palestine”

Hamas in their statement which published last night, invited Palestinian people to go to border between Gaza strip and occupied Palestine and engage and fight with Zionist soldiers and inhabitants there.

08 December 2017
Trump’s Decision Insults 1 Billion Muslims, Millions of Christians

The Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has slammed Trump’s decision on Jerusalem as the ‘second Balfour declaration’, saying that his move is an insult to over one billion Muslims and millions of Christians.

07 December 2017
Hadi’s forces entered Al Hudaydah governate; Al Khukhah fell

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: Al Khukhah city in south of Al Hudaydah governate fell to Hadi’s troops. Southern bank of Al Hudaydah was under heavy bombardment of Saudi alliance fighters in recent days.

07 December 2017
Updates on situation of Al Bukamal-Al Mayadin road after recapture and opening

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: By freeing Hurryia and Ghabra in north of Al Bukamal, Al Bukamal-Al Mayadin road is now clear and open completely.

07 December 2017
Yemen news; Dec 6, 2017

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that burial of Ali Abdullah Saleh is denied. After the normal situation is back to Sana’a, as expected, Hadi’s troops operating in some fronts specially in Taizz and Marib.

06 December 2017
Breaking; Trump did what he wanted to do finally!

Donald Trump finally signed the order to move US embassy to Jerusalem.
This decision clearly considers occupied Jerusalem as part of Israel and violates Palestinians rights.
This action is the last nail on the coffin of peace talks between Israel and Palestine which is going for 27 years.

06 December 2017
USA is building new military bases in Iraq.

USA is trying to increase their power in the region by increasing number of their bases and developing them in Iraq to implement their plans and conspiracies.

05 December 2017
The end of ISIS in east of Homs and south of Deir Ez-Zur is close.

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: Syrian army freed more lands in southern Euphrates river in Deir Ez-Zur province.

05 December 2017
Yemen news, 4th December 2017; Bitter end of Saleh and updates on Yemen fronts.

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that after Saleh’s death fighters of Saudi alliance are bombing Sana’a heavily. Yemen ministry of State also declared the end of riots and fights by death of militia’s leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh. However, there are fights going in different parts of Yemen …

05 December 2017
Double attack to Erdogan

In the last week, Reza Zarrab’s statement (Iranian-Turkish businessman) in a US court put Erdogan government under sever pressure.

04 December 2017
The Yemeni Interior Ministry announced the end of the crisis with full control over their positions and the death of its leader Ali Abdullah Saleh

The full text of the Ministry of Interior’s statement: