16 October 2017
ISIS Attacked Iraqi Forces Restoring Government Control Over Areas In Kirkuk Countryside

Hours after the Iraqi army established control over Kirkuk city, ISIS members attacked Dibis area north of the village of Bai Hassan controlled by government forces.

15 October 2017
Footage of targeting ISIS vehicles in the Syrian desert by Iranian drones
15 October 2017
Everything you need to know about the future of Turkey’s operations in the Idlib province of Syria + Map

The following notes are based on the latest reliable field information and future contingencies. Reading this note will give you a good insight about the upcoming events in the province of Idlib.

14 October 2017
Eastern deserts of Damascus were liberated completely, 8000 square kilometers.

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News the Syrian army succeeded in liberating nearly 8,000 square kilometers in the southeast of Syria by advancing along the southern borders and liberating main roads.

12 October 2017
More Details About ISIS Presence In Idlib And Northern Hama

On October 9, ISIS members attacked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in northern Hama and seized a number of villages near the important village of Rahjan.

12 October 2017
Syrian Army Liberated Half Of Al-Mayadin City

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units, led by General Suheil al-Hasan, are advancing in the western and southern parts of al-Mayadin city in the Euphrates Valley.

10 October 2017
PMU’s Al-Abbas Fighting Division Finishes Its Tasks Within Al-Hawija Operation

The Al-Abbas Fighting Division of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) officially announced that it has finished all tasks within the operation in al-Hawija area.

09 October 2017
Erdogan officially announced the launch of the operation of Turkish Army and the Euphrates Shields in Idlib.

According to what Erdogan said, Turkish troops will not enter Syria and will support the Euphrates shield forces by artillery against ‘Tahrir alsham’ .

09 October 2017
The latest situation of contact lines around the al-Tanf border crossing

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News the Syrian army with the liberation of border posts 196 – 197 – 198 – 199 – 200 – 201 – 202 – 203 – 204 reached to the 55 km of Al-Tanf border crossing.

07 October 2017
Al-Qaeda Leader Criticizes Syrian Militants For Attempts To Distance Themselves al-Qaeda Name

Ayman al-Zawahiri released a voice message strongly criticizing Syrian militant groups for attempts to distance themselves from the name of al-Qaeda.

07 October 2017
The achievement of the seventh day of the Hawijah Operation

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News the operation of Hawijah is approaching its final days, and another victory will be recorded with the unity of Iraqi forces in history.

07 October 2017
The latest situation in the center and east of Syria; the Syrian army entered the strategic city of Al-Mayadin

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News, the Syrian Army has taken a major step towards securing the Deir Ezzor by entering the strategic city of Al-Mayadin in Deir Ezzor province.