02 January 2019
US Seeking to Restore Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

The US is seeking to restore the Taliban rule to the war-torn Afghanistan despite its earlier claims to eradicate the terror group in the region, says an op-ed of an Iranian paper.

28 December 2018
Have Syrian Army Entered the City of Manbij ?

Until the writing of this text (16:00, Friday), the SAA forces have not entered the city of Manbij, and all the news about the SAA forces entering the city is lie or incorrect.

28 December 2018
Unannounced Trump’s Visit to Ayn Al Asad Airbase; Insult to Iraq Rule
27 December 2018
Answering Key Questions about Yemen War – Part Three

From the aspects of the Yemeni’s agreement in Sweden to investigation of the Hudaydah developments in future and aspects of possible Saudi Coalition operation to capture Sanaa

21 December 2018
USA Evacuating Syria; Do Kurds Understand True Identity of USA?

Yesterday Donald Trump US President said in a tweet that “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.” So there is no reason to stay in Syria, US soldiers to evacuate Syria.

19 December 2018
Who Is Martyr Abu Haydar Al Hamzi?

Abdullah Ahsan Jar Allah Al Hamzi famous as Abu Haydar a field commander of Ansar Allah in recent years whose bravery and sacrifices will not be forgotten from Yemeni people.

18 December 2018
In the Name of Lajaward Road, in Favor of Exploiters

Lajaward road (Lapis Lazuli Route) is a plan that was proposed by Ashraf Ghani Government and was worked on in the last three years.

14 December 2018
Analyzing Yemeni Agreement in Sweden

The agreement which resulted after several days of compact negotiations between Ansar Allah and resigned government of Mansoor Hadi; contains several main items:

09 December 2018
Latest Analysis of Yemen Negotiations

After all sides agreed on political solution and exchanging POWs, here is the latest updates of negotiations

07 December 2018
Satellite Images from Hajin Area and Heavy Presence of US Birds Over the Hajin

New satellite images of Hajin released showing different US attacking and surveillance airplanes flying over the region.

01 December 2018
Are AnsarAllah Missiles Made in Iran? Part Two

US and Saudi media controversy again about It missiles which is not new, this time hosted by Brian Hook than Nikki Haley.

27 November 2018
Who is Commander Alipour?

In recent battles in Jaghuri, Malestan and Urozgan, Alipour fought side by side the security forces against Taliban and explicitly claimed to support the Government but unfortunately…