09 September 2018
Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey Meet in Tehran and The Start of Intense Bombardment of the Militants in Northwest Syria

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday, September 7, the third meeting of the three countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey was held in Tehran to discuss the future of Syria.

03 September 2018
Turkish President Puts Tahrir al Sham in Terrorist List!

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, in a thoughtful action puts Tahrir al Sham in the list of terrorist groups.

02 September 2018
Map | Latest Updates on Front Lines in Northwest of Syria; 1 September 2018

With four battlefield maps and explanation about possible axes of Syrian Army operation in northwest of Syria.

23 August 2018
A New Fabrication by West to Attack Syria at the Same Time Syrian Army Operation in Idlib Province

Islamic World News Analysis: As we approach the Incipient of Syrian Army in northwest of Syria, USA, England and France condemning Syrian Government, threatening to attack.

09 August 2018
August 8, 1998 The Beginning of a Continuous Tragedy!

All the people of Afghanistan remember the August 8, 1998, specially the people of Balkh province, those bloody and bitter days, death were constantly falling upon them from everywhere…

09 August 2018
Emphasis Prospect of Iran-Pakistan Relations Following the Victory of “Tehreek-e-Insaf” Party in Pakistan Elections and Party’s Emphasis on Having a Strong Relation with Iran.

The presence and growth of extremist groups like Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Good) etc… and influence of foreign countries, tensions with neighbouring countries and political corruption , … all of these are of problems that has left the political sphere of Pakistan in turmoil.

06 August 2018
Martyrdom of a Prominent Figure in Afghanistan; Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Alishah Musawi Gardezi
01 August 2018
Major General Soleimani: Mr. Trump the Gambler, We Are So Close to You That You Can’t Even Imagine!

Iran’s Major General Qassem Soleimani has sharply reacted to the recent “cabaret owner-style” military threat by US President Donald Trump against the Islamic Republic, saying he takes the position to respond “as a soldier” since it is beneath the dignity of Iran’s president to do so.

01 August 2018
Monthly Report on Yemen’s developments; 31 July 2018

Islamic World News Analysis Group: While some media report that Saudi Coalition has stopped operation in al Hudaydah, some media close to the Coalition broadcast images showing transporting military equipment and troops to the area.

27 July 2018
White Helmets or a Mask for Terrorists in Syria?! Infographic + Clips and Images

Introducing the White Helmets and public hidden facts; Explaining ambiguities around the infamous White Helmets

23 July 2018
Fu’ah and Kafraya According to Enemy

The dream of a spectacle victory over Fu’ah and Kafraya became a painful wound that did not heal even with people evacuating them …

22 July 2018
The Israel Have Evacuated 800 “White Helmets” From South of Syria + Clip

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Israelis in a controversial act, have evacuated “White Helmet” forces from south of Syria and they will later be transported to Britain, Canada, and Germany; These forces have a very long history of making up lies against Syrian Government, and collaborating with terrorist groups.